Relevations was founded by Artistic Director, Andre Williams, in fall of 2020. At it's core, Relevations mission is providing affirming spaces for motivated performers and young artists to find their creative voice. Through passion, integrity, and excellence it is our hope to inspire and expand our range, the range of those who we work with, and bringing a variety of art to our community. 

After a successful year of short film work in putting together Vol. 1, Relevations merged with INDance317, a collective overseen by Kylie Williams, who now serves as the Executive Director of Relevations. Leading to Relevations First Debut LIVE, in-person as we present Neither/ Nor.


Directors Notes

I wanted to take time just enjoying full access to what I've learned over my time dancing, and dive into my artist mind without denying my instincts. What I found was a love of fluidity, not just in movement, but also in style and genre. Neither/ Nor, to me, is an eclectic evening of work based in natural instinct. This show absolutely would not be possible without this amazing cast dancers. Thank all of you. I also want to thank Amanda Browning and Kathryn Taylor for presenting their choreography, and Veronica Pejril for her original work for our closing piece, "Limbo." 

- Andre Williams