As a teacher and choreographer I like to challenge the performer to find range and dynamic in movement while also creating depth in character. I'm inspired by trailblazers such as Martha Graham and Pina Bausch, but I also find myself constantly studying choreographers like Darrell Moultrie, who are able to get the rawest most vulnerable parts of a dancer to show up on stage in movement. I'm not someone who likes to prescribe to a specific style. I like to move fluidly in and out from one style to the next, offering intriguing shapes and lines and ways to break them down and morph them. I've had the great opportunity over the past 10 years to really practice this, in my earlier years as a young artistic director of a collegiate dance company, and now under the direction of Justin Sears-Watson at Phoenix Rising Dance Company  as a dancer and guest choreographer for PRDC in the last 2 seasons.