Stories Written in Artistry.

The most captivating part of the marching arts, in my opinion, is how we evoke emotion visually; focusing on imagery, color, pacing, and dynamic. Through that we are able to communicate stories and ideals both realistic, and fantasy, but there is always a sense of connection to humanity through the performer and their level of excellence. I've found over time that my favorite art centers around the performers, their capabilities, and experiences. And because of that I find myself centering my designs around humanity, constantly pulling from my experiences, and the experiences of the performers. Theres something to be said about vulnerable art and how you can create an entire world just based on one small instance. I've had the great opportunity to work with a multitude of groups over the years and both as a designer and an instructor, I find my best work here as a designer, in presenting what's already there within the ensemble and bringing that to the forefront of the design and concept.